Maximize your resilience and capacity

Crisis management and Total Defense

Is your organization prepared for how to operate during a crisis or war? Basalt can help identify your needs in crisis management and total defense, and recommend measures to ensure that the organization can operate effectively in disturbed conditions, high alert and war.

Basalt can assist your organization with evaluations

Experiences and evaluations

Evaluations usually involve collecting and analyzing relevant data and information about your organization to reach informed conclusions and identify potential areas for improvement. An evaluation should generate opportunities for improvements and changes, as well as give rise to new ideas and development for your organization. It is important to see that evaluations lead to something positive, even if it means a deeper examination and challenge of one’s own operations. It is usually very descriptive and fact-based in order for the recipient to increase their understanding and knowledge in a certain area

Examples of aspects that can be evaluated include:

  • Management and control
  • Structure and collaboration
  • Processes and working methods
  • Skills and resources

Our employees have solid competence and many years of experience from various sectors, including civil and military, public and private. We start from the set goals we developed together with you and gather information from various sources both internally and externally. We then develop concrete proposals for short- and long-term measures.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you evaluate your work and improve your crisis management skills.

Expert consulting services

Take advantage of the knowledge and drive of our experienced team

At Basalt, our employees are our most valuable asset. Their knowledge and drive enable us to deliver efficient, solution-oriented consulting services to companies of all sizes. Our team of experienced consultants has a wide range of expertise in various fields and has worked at national, regional and local level. With their expertise, we are well equipped to help your business develop the resilience needed to succeed in the face of challenges, both expected and unexpected.

Implementation of risk management strategy

Risk and vulnerability analysis

We can help your company with the process of identifying, analyzing and managing various risks. This may include identifying potential threats to your organization or business, analyzing the level of risk these threats pose, and taking steps to minimize or manage those risks. We can also assist in implementing different strategies to protect against or manage different risks.

Our approach is tailored to your company’s specific needs and we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

Through planning and implementation we can

Ensure your resilience

At Basalt, our priority in crisis management is to strengthen the overall resilience and capacity of your company. We achieve this by raising risk awareness and ensuring your employees have a solid foundation of understanding, enabling them to make informed decisions in times of crisis or war. Our approach to crisis management and total defense focuses on maintaining efficiency and day-to-day operations, while preparing for potential disruptions.

We work with you to develop strategies and plans that enable your organization to effectively navigate crises and emerge stronger as a result.

Effective crisis management strategies for different scenarios

Training and practice activities

Effective crisis management is critical to dealing with a variety of scenarios, from short-term disruptions affecting a single company – to long-term, complex crises involving multiple stakeholders and affecting the public. Without the right training, practice and planning, a crisis can compromise the efficiency of your business and possibly result in large financial losses. Therefore, it is important to have training and practice in place to minimize the impact of disruptions on productivity and delivery of goods and services and to restore normal operations as quickly as possible.

Maximize your resilience and capacity

What can Basalt do for your business?

We can help you map out the needs in crisis preparedness and total defense and propose the necessary measures to ensure that your business can continue to function under disturbed conditions such as crisis and war. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can support your business.

Some of the ways we can help support your business in times of crisis or war include:

  • To act as a pillar and sounding board to help you navigate complex challenges
  • Conduct current situation analyzes to assess your company's current ability to handle crises
  • Make current state analyzes of your ability
  • Offer support in planning and developing strategies for crisis management and total defense
  • Provide training and practice activities to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage crises
  • Conduct threat and risk analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities and help you develop a proactive approach to crisis management
  • Assist with continuity planning and security protection to help your business strengthen operations during disrupted conditions, crisis and war.
  • Offer development opportunities to improve leadership and governance in crisis and war situations.

This is how you work in a structured manner with your contingency planning

Our implementation process

Basalt uses a proven model that gives you the tools you need to manage your tasks in various crisis situations and at high levels of preparedness. We have helped actors in both the private and public sector with analysis and planning. Welcome to download an example of how we work.

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