Crisis management and defense

Make the right preparations to cope with crisis and war

Are you properly prepared for the business to function during a crisis or war? Basalt can help you identify the needs in Crisis management and defense, and suggest necessary measures for the operation to function even during times of crisis and war.

Evaluation of your work under Covid-19

We have now been affected by Covid-19 for more than a year.

All parts of society have participated in the work to deal with the pandemic, some more than others. Even if the crisis is not over yet, there are many experiences that need to be evaluated and lead to concrete improvements.

The purpose of an evaluation is to generate opportunities for change and give rise to new ideas and development for a business or organization. It is important to see that evaluation can lead to something positive, even if it involves a deeper examination of one’s own business.

Evaluations are usually of a descriptive nature and filled with facts in order for the recipient to increase their understanding and knowledge in a certain area. It is about working on a particular problem or topic and reasoning your way to well-founded conclusions and incentives for improvement.

Examples of aspects that can be evaluated:

  • Management and control.
  • Structure and collaboration.
  • Processes and working methods.
  • Skills and resources.

In the situation we are now in, the evaluation of Covid-19 can also provide valuable experience for handling other crises and building up a defense. Even if you have carried out an evaluation during the earlier stages of the pandemic, it may be justified to carry out a follow-up and in-depth study with the support of new actors for you.

Basalt is happy to support you in the evaluation of your work during Covid-19. Our employees have competence and many years of experience in several different parts of society, both civilian, military, public and private. We start from set goals and obtain information from various sources both internally and externally. Concrete proposals for measures in the short and long term are drawn up.

Contact us for a first conversation about how your work could be evaluated and how you as an organization could get incentives to improve your crisis management skills.

We support your business

We are by your side all the way – from everyday life to strengthened crisis management ability in a sharp situation. If you lead a municipality, a region, an government agencies or a company and are involved in the development of the total defense, we can assist in the process. Alternatively, we introduce the basics of crisis management and defense for a few hours to the management team, committees or boards.

The unique needs of your business guide our efforts.

Crisis management for different scenarios

The crises that afflict us can look different. From short-term and limited in an individual business to long-term and complex societal crises with many parties involved where the population is also affected.

Regardless of whether the crisis is small-scale or extensive, the business risks losing its efficiency if the right form of crisis management has not been planned in advance. Interruptions such as these can be palpable and if so, it is vital that the focus lies in restoring and minimizing the impact of productivity and delivery of goods and services as quickly as possible.

Experienced, driven and solution-oriented

Our main asset is the knowledge and drive of our employees. In order to be able to find the best possible solution for your business, Basalt offers consultants who all have many years of experience in their respective special areas at national, regional and local level. With their expertise, Basalt can help develop a business’ ability to meet challenges, both expected and unexpected.

What is your priority in the event of a crisis or war?

Our focus in crisis management is to strengthen the business’s overall capacity. We usually do this by raising the risk awareness to the organization’s employees, to create a stable basic understanding that means that you make the right priorities once the crisis arises. Basalt’s starting point in the work with crisis management and defense is based on maintaining efficiency and everyday benefits.

What can Basalt do for your business?

  • We can be a sounding board
  • We can carry through a situation analysis? of your ability
  • We can support you with planning
  • We can support you with education and practice
  • We can do threat and risk analyzes
  • We can support you in continuity management and security protection
  • We can put together development efforts for politicians, CEOs and senior executives on leadership and governance in crisis and war

Stay one step ahead.

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