The Swedish Security Index report

Swedish Security Index®

For the fifth year in a row, we have, together with Kantar, conducted the Swedish Security Index survey, where we measure the current threat picture among decision-makers in socially important activities. Welcome to download the report, which also serves as an important basis for decision-making.

The threat level is increasing

A clear result from this year’s survey shows that the threat to Sweden’s vital operations is increasing. Almost 7 out of 10 (67%) decision-makers experience a serious threat to their business today, and 8 out of 10 decision-makers (84%) believe that the threat will increase further in the next three years. The survey also found that only one in five (20%) of surveyed critical operations are properly equipped and have comprehensive operational protection to counter internal and external threats.

Public confidence is declining

2023 was a year of uncertainty. Influence campaigns and disinformation, demonstrations with implications for Sweden’s NATO application, the public debate on crime and headlines about criminal investigations into espionage and unauthorized use of secret information are just some of the factors that can explain the drama in the public’s perception of the threat to society.

Eight out of ten (85%) feel that the threat to society is serious* and one out of three (33%) feel that it is very serious, an increase of more than double compared to last year’s survey.

The results show, not unexpectedly, that the situation is serious, but also that there is room for minor adjustments to increase protection.
Nicklas Haglund
CEO Basalt

Nominated for the Publishing Prize

The 2023 edition of the Swedish Security Index report was nominated for the Publishing Award 2023 in the category “Digital publication”.


How to protect yourself
against cyber attacks?

Protecting your business from both internal and external threats requires a holistic approach to security. This is based on a strategic approach to business protection, not just a focus on cybersecurity.

The solution is to establish a stronger capability to withstand these attacks. You need to shift your mindset from reactive incident management to a strategic view of IT security.

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