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Our core values


We treat every human being with respect.

We understand each other’s differences and our different roles. Respect is also about showing humility and being sensitive.

Respect promotes cooperation and makes it easier for us to achieve our common goals. To show respect is to be open and honest and to behave with integrity. To show respect, we need to think about how our actions will affect our environment.

We talk to each other, not about each other. We show trust and confidence in each other.

Showing respect is a giving and a taking, between different employees and between the company and employees. Basalt and its management must always strive to be the best employer and the employee must always strive to do as good a job as possible, individually or in groups.


We all have a responsibility to develop ourselves, each other and the company.

We are professionals in every part of the organization. We have the knowledge and competence to perform our tasks and prioritize the right things to succeed in our assignments.

Taking responsibility is to be reliable, but also creative, have self-confidence and be ready to take on challenges.

That each employee takes their responsibility means showing personal leadership. Personal leadership is expressed as wanting to understand, show patience, want to be as good as you can be at what you do, do a good job, cover up for colleagues and strive for the best possible results linked to set goals. This quality is the foundation of a knowledge-oriented and creative company.

We are committed and we have the courage to influence. We expect good results from each other. We always perform our daily tasks carefully, with the best interests of our customers and the company in mind.


Creativity permeates our business.

We use our creativity to create improvements in the company and for our customers. Creativity is also about innovation, taking initiative and developing both technology and the quality of our work.

If we want creativity to permeate our business, we must continue to be agile, innovative and solution-oriented. Collaborating, giving and taking characterize our way of working. We want to maintain the ability to look ahead.

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