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Craton Protective Security Management

Craton Protective Security Management is a solution for customers who need to coordinate and carry out security checks in accordance with the Security Protection Act in a safe, secure and simple way. The solution handles all stages of the process, from collecting and processing data to administering and registering personnel and suppliers’ personnel in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

If your business is obliged to comply with the Security Protection Act (2018:585), there are high requirements to carry out security checks for both new recruitments and ongoing employment. Craton Protective Security Management helps your company collect all information during a security check in one place and gives you an overview of which personnel are approved for which projects.

Protective Security Management is based on a modern technical solution where high availability and user-friendliness for personnel are catered for; while high confidentiality and integrity of classified information is ensured by means of air-gapped (eng. air-gapped).

Protective Security Management

  • Is a tool for carrying out security checks of personnel including employed consultants and suppliers' personnel
  • Provides full control over which personnel are security tested and for which projects
  • Provides overview and control over its security protection agreements

Craton Protective Security Management turns the security screening process into a seamless, digital workflow where the practitioner’s various departments (e.g. security, HR, sales, program management) and the individual can focus on their respective tasks. This digital workflow provides reassurance that sensitive information is handled and stored securely and also provides full traceability over the entire process. Because of the fact that all data for safety tests is handled in a single solution, the risk of incorrect assessments due to missing important information is reduced.

Full control over security-tested personnel and your security protection agreements

Conducting safety tests is an extensive process. Instead of having several ongoing security tests saved in different documents, all are made available in a unified digital solution. It gives you full control over all security checks. It also provides reassurance that your classified information is protected.

The solution also gives you full visibility over the security protection agreements signed between an organization or a company and a business operator. The purpose is also to ensure that the individual understands and undertakes to follow rules and policies that are necessary to protect the business.

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Basalt Craton™

Basalt Craton™ meets the highest quality and safety requirements on the market and even meets military requirements for classified information – without interfering with operations. Read more in our product sheet.

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