Business concept

About Basalt

Read more about our vision and mission as a security company.

Business concept

Our business concept

Basalt operates in the field of business protection to ensure protection and continuity for our customers. Basalt offers expertise in Systematic security work, IT consulting support and develops secure turnkey solutions for our customers, with the aim of reducing vulnerability and increasing the ability of authorities and companies that handle information of importance to their own business or the functioning of society.

Our mission

Basalt contributes to increased safety and social development by delivering increased protection to the operations of authorities and companies. Expanded business protection leads to a safer, more secure and more robust society.

Our vision

Basalt should be the obvious choice for building a safe and robust society.

The Swedish Security Index 2023 report

Swedish Security Index

For the fourth year in a row, together with Kantar Sifo, we have carried out the survey Swedish Security Index, where we measure the current threat picture of decision-makers in socially important operations. Welcome to download the report, which also serves as an important basis for decision-making.

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