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A leading security company

We work with customers with the highest security requirements and
covers all areas within operational protection and safety protection.
We provide qualified consulting services in information security,
personnel security and physical security. In addition, we deliver
the market’s most secure IT platform.

Our wide range of security services and solutions

About us

We build a safer society by helping companies, authorities and municipalities protect their most valuable information against internal and external threats. We do this by creating systematic security work, delivering turnkey IT solutions and offering senior consulting services with deep competence in business protection and security protection. Together, we create a safe world where you, your employees, your customers and your customers’ customers feel safe.

Basalt was founded in 2009 and we have approximately 100 employees. We have offices in both Enköping and Stockholm. Since August 2022, we are part of the Omegapoint Group.

In the IT landscape that we see today, it is important to be quick-footed and build flexible and modular systems, where the building blocks are interchangeable, in order to create the opportunity to meet the threats that exist and are constantly changing. Basalt is at the absolute forefront.
Daniel Thorell
IT consultant, Basalt
Being able to join the journey and work in one of Sweden's leading security companies is something I could only dream of before. Our permissive culture means that I dare to step into unknown areas of knowledge. Starting work at Basalt is the best thing I've done!
Christoffer Sundberg
Developer, Basalt
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