Systematic security service

Prevent and manage threats and risks.

Basalt’s systematic security service includes continuity management, risk management, information security, personnel security and security protection.

Our main asset is the knowledge and driving force of our employees. In order to be able to find the best possible solution for your business, Basalt offers consultants who all have many years of experience in their respective specialist areas on a national, regional and local level. With their expertise, Basalt can help with the systematic security work and to develop the business’s ability to cope with challenges, both expected and unexpected. Below you can read more about the experience each of our consultants has with them.

Continuity management

We help customers maintain or increase the ability to restore operations after a disruption or interruption. The support can also include help with integrating continuity management into the business’s existing management system. A disruption can rarely be completely avoided, but the impact and damage of a disruption often depends on how it is handled by the organization. Quick and effective measures that are well thought out and practiced can significantly reduce the damage.

Society’s collective ability to manage and reduce the effects of an interruption in peacetime provides the basic ability Sweden needs to deal with state-sponsored hostile acts and war. Therefore, we have developed a developed method for continuity management.

Risk management

We support customers in sorting and prioritizing their business based on a risk-based approach. We assist the customer with identifying risks and with guidance regarding the level of protection operations, parts of operations and technical systems need and which measures are required to maintain the established level of protection.

Information security

We support customers in the work of maintaining or increasing administrative and technical security when handling information regarding confidentiality, availability and quality. The support may include security analyses, penetration tests, the introduction of management systems for information security and IT security solutions.

Security protection

We support customers covered by the security protection legislation in ensuring the purpose of the security protection. For example, we can support or carry out security protection analyses, security tests and training. The security clearance is part of personnel security, which is usually done before a person is to participate in security-sensitive activities to see if the person is reliable from a security point of view. We offer an training in security screening for those who want to gain a basic knowledge of what is included in a security screening.

We also help customers develop classification models that facilitate the implementation of security protection measures for very large operations.

Background check

Do you know who you are hiring?

  • Does the candidate have the required skills?
  • Does the candidate bring risks into your company?
  • Can you, with your hand on your heart, really say that you know who the person behind the flimsy CV is?
  • What is the cost of a lie?

Background checks are an important security filter in a recruitment process. Do yourself a favor and prevent yourself and the company from being left with an employee who brings negative publicity to the brand, lost revenue, information leakage and more costs.

Let us help you with a background check that gives you decision facts, verification of competence and a risk analysis of the current candidate against your values.
Everything to create a safe and effective recruitment.

Security calls

Do you need to know more about the person?

  • Does the person have hidden inappropriate pages that could have harmful consequences for your business?
  • Are there risks in the person’s surroundings?

Conducting safety interviews is part of maintaining a good safety culture for businesses that are not covered by safety protection legislation. A security interview is a confidential conversation where you investigate a person’s life and livelihood to discover and clarify risks. Safety interviews can be held partly in connection with recruitment, partly regularly during employment.

Basalt has extensive experience with various personnel security measures within the scope of the Security Protection Act, but also with corresponding and similar measures for operations that are not covered by the Security Protection Act. We can e.g. help investigate the needs of the business, build up structures and train the business in the area.

What can Basalt do for your business?

  • We can be a sounding board
  • We can make current state analysis of your ability
  • We can support you with planning
  • We can support you with training and practice
  • We can do threat and risk analyses
  • We can support you in continuity management and other systematic security work
  • We can put together developing efforts for politicians, CEOs and senior managers on management and governance in crisis and war.
  • We can ensure that you have systematic security work
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