What is security protection?

What is security protection?

What is security protection?

To act safely in an uncertain time, a high level of protective security within the organization is a must. What is security protection and how can businesses achieve it?

The Security Protection Act and the security protection Ordinance from 2019 also include private actors who are active in security-sensitive activities. However, few organizations have an adequate level of security protection that corresponds to the requirements of the law.

The first step towards adequate security protection is to carry out a detailed security protection analysis. Basalt has extensive experience in performing security protection analyses.

This is how we can help you:

  • Security analysis of your business
  • Information security and system construction
  • Security screening of your staff
  • Security-protected procurement with security protection agreement (SUA)
  • Education in the various sub-areas
  • Methods, processes & documentation for your business
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