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Threats and risk appear in new dimensions. At Basalt, we work to create security and safety for government agencies and businesses. We often experience a need for collective knowledge of how decision-makers in socially important activities view security and safety – now and tomorrow.

With the Swedish Security Index, we change the game plan and create an overall picture. If you want to know more and ensure that you get to take part in this unique study, please contact us and we will be happy to present the astonishing results.

Information security

Basalt Solution Team

Continuity management, risk and vulnerability analysis, security evaluation and defense planning are words that can feel a little overwhelming to handle. How do you prepare the organization for threats and risks in the business?

Basalt Solution Team is composed of our most experienced experts, with high competence in IT security, crisis management, defense and information security, who solve your challenges in the shortest time span.

Information security

We can help your organization in the Corona chaos

Many important actors in society are busy making quick and wise decisions that result in measures to prioritize resources where needed. Today, it is a matter of prioritizing socially important activities. In this work, Basalt can support with staff who have extensive experience in crisis management. What will the situation look like in a month and beyond? How can leadership and endurance in the entire system be created and maintained?

Contact Larry Björkqvist, Senior Business Advisor, larry.bjorkqvist@basalt.se or 076-001 70 46

Information security

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At Basalt, we want to contribute to a safer, more secure and more robust society. We work to increase our customers’ resilience. We offer security protection, defense, integration and management of secure IT solutions that meet the highest of standards.

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