Simple – safe – automatic

Simplicity is safety

It must be easy to do it right. Craton™ meets the highest quality and security requirements on the market and even meets military requirements for classified information – without interfering with operations. You get a whole set of technical components, design and working methods. The result is a secure platform, built according to modern principles and with full traceability of everything that happens.

Nicklas Haglund, CEO

Built-in military-grade security

Craton is one step ahead

A secure platform needs to combine simplicity, security and automation. Craton™ fulfills these three criteria and the finished system that spins at your place is therefore manageable and robust. All activity is of course traceable.

You easily ensure that your most protected information is moved into our secure environment, and you have full control over the systems from day one. We take care of the complexity, ensuring that all parts are updated to meet new threats, that you have full visibility into what is happening in the platform, or if someone wants to access your applications. You can rely on our specialist expertise.

Craton™ allows you to install according to modern principles of segmented solutions or creates protected bubbles of server capacity for legacy systems. You can build out or convert to modern thinking and modern security architecture at the rate you can migrate your systems. If you want a microservice platform, we got that too.

Leave the complex to us


We take care of the technically complex. This means that we ensure that your environment is up to date and that vulnerabilities are addressed as they become known. The platform gives you standardized and automated methods for your entire operation. We have spent hundreds of man years developing both methods and concepts to protect your information in the best way, make your IT operations simple and ensure that the status of all your components as well as the traceability of all changes is one hundred percent.

The environment tells you when it starts to run out of resources. It will basically be as easy as a cloud solution, but everything happens under your control and where you know who has access to your environment and what it costs. In addition, there is always someone to call when you need help.

In the unlikely event of a breach, you can quickly replace the infected environment with a healthy copy – fully automated, simple and fully traceable.

You feeling safe is our highest priority.

Built from the ground up for today's threat landscape


All access in Craton™ is role-based and administration is fully automated. Role-based access prevents unauthorized access to information and reduces the exposure surface for possible intrusions. The entire environment is segmented according to your needs.

All administrative actions are fully traceable and you can automatically restore what went wrong. Craton collects and analyzes security logs, events in your environment, network flows and presents possible incidents in a customized and configurable control panel so that those working in the system get the information they need.

Craton is continuously improved with the best possible tools on the market – for example artificial intelligence and machine learning, so you always have access to modern analysis methods.

Our job is to make sure you can stay one step ahead.

Fully automated and traceable administration


Craton ensures that all updates, all installations and all capacity provisioning are automatic. If you need to reinstall, it is also automated. Manual handling is not permitted. All administrative actions are performed by predefined roles and are one hundred percent traceable.

The orchestration and automation engine is completely separated from the operational clusters it creates, so the segmentation follows modern principles. Since everything is automated, everything is also tested. In addition, there is a verification service in the solution that checks that the result is the intended one.

When we install the platform, we decide together how much of your existing system park should be automated during commissioning and which level is relevant for your systems and how the whole system should be managed.

The market's most secure IT platform

Basalt Craton™

Basalt Craton™ meets the highest quality and safety requirements on the market and even meets military requirements for classified information – without interfering with operations. Read more in our product sheet.

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