Training in security screening

During our training, you will gain good knowledge of the various steps that are part of a security screening and a basic skill in being able to conduct a security screening interview yourself.

The structure of the training

Basalt offers a two-day training course in security screening. The training is based on current legislation and an accepted and experience-based method. The training includes an overview of the various steps in the security screening with a particular focus on interview methodology. Practical elements that aim for you as a participant to practice your skills are an important part of the training.

The goal of the training is that all participants after completing the training should have a very good knowledge of the various steps that are part of a security clearance and a basic skill in being able to conduct a security clearance interview themselves.

Who can attend the training?

Our training on security clearance is primarily aimed at those who work with HR and personnel issues, security protection and operational security or who are a security manager or a manager with personnel responsibility.

How is the training carried out?

The training is carried out by consultants within Basalt with many years of experience working with personnel safety. Basalt has ready-made training packages, but can also tailor training to your organization’s needs and wishes. Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

Previous course participants are very satisfied

Awesome rating:
9 / 10

We have received the best possible rating for our training from previous course participants, which we are very happy and proud of.

Our goal is that all participants in the training should feel that after completing the training they should have solid knowledge of and be able to carry out a security screening interview.

Planned training opportunities

We hold several training opportunities annually together with the Security University. You can register for the next training event now.

24-25 January 2024 – read more and register here

Customized training

If you would like us to come to your organization and hold a tailored training just for you, that is of course fine.

Contact us for more information and suggestions for training plans.

Why is an education in security screening needed?

For your business, it is important not only to hire people with the right skills, but also people who are reliable from a security point of view. An incorrect recruitment can mean great damage to the business and negative publicity for an authority – or a company’s brand – with information leakage, lost revenue and significant costs for the business as a result. The Security Protection Act (2018:585) requires that the protection of security-sensitive operations must be ensured, regardless of whether it is in the private or public sector.

What does personnel security mean?

Personnel security is one of the security protection measures in the Security Protection Act. The purpose of personnel security is to prevent persons who are not reliable from a security point of view from participating in an activity where they can gain access to security classified information or in an activity that is for some other reason security sensitive. Personnel security must also ensure that those who participate in security-sensitive activities have sufficient knowledge of security protection.

Personnel security measures, in addition to the register check carried out by the Security Police, can also be taken as operational security measures outside the scope of the Security Protection Act to prevent people who are not reliable from a security point of view participating in the business.

Course content

Agenda day 1

  • Introduction to safety protection (purpose, rules, and guidelines, etc.)
  • Security classes and security protection classification
  • Personnel security
  • What is security clearance?
  • Basic investigation/background check
  • Basic investigation/security screening interview
  • Assessment, decision and documentation
  • Registry check
  • Special personal investigation

Agenda day 2

  • Interview/conversation methodology
  • Workshop 1 – create relationship
  • Workshop 2 – question words
  • Workshop 3 – question technique
  • Workshop 4 – interview
  • Templates
  • Conclusion

We can also adapt the course content to your wishes and needs.

Testimonial - Hilda Vidmark
It was a good mix between briefings and application as we had to discuss different cases in smaller groups. It was very positive to also be able to learn from the others in the group.
Hilda V
Testimonial - Mattias Brink
The training leaders were competent, and both group work and discussions yielded a lot, especially since the course participants came from both the private and public sectors. It gave a greater understanding of the various challenges that exist.
Mattias B
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